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meMike Brandly started his auction profession in 1979. Mr. Brandly’s assessment firm finishes over 150 evaluations per yr for Probate, Civil and Insolvency cases. He retains a weekly auction at his facility in Groveport, Ohio, a twice-monthly auto auction for Goodwill Columbus (Ohio), numerous onsite auctions as well as other special-occasion auctions throughout America.

Mr. Brandly is a graduate of The Ohio State-University with a diploma in Math as well as the AMI Licensed Auctioneer Institute (CAI). He additionally holds the AARE property designation in addition to the CAGA assessment designation. He’s a Former Manager for the Ohio Auctioneers Association including an associate of the Michigan, Kentucky and Indiana Auctioneer Organizations. Mr. Brandly is a Lifestyle Member, Start Auctioneer Adviser and Presenter for the National Auctioneers Association.

Mr. Brandly additionally serves as an auction legislation and standard practice advisor, mainly supplying this service to lawyers throughout the United States (Ohio, Indiana, Louisiana, Texas, Nyc, California, Virginia and Oklahoma to date) representing customers calling for auction law conformity, standard practice, regulatory investigations and the like. His work has encompassed analyzing video recordings including contracts and bookkeeping of auction records and auctions, depositions, litigation claims.

His teaching duties include seminars and Auctioneer CE courses and regular Real Estate for Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia post-permission. He has additionally instructed at Columbus State Community College and serves as Adjunct Faculty at Hondros College of Business.

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