Is MadBid Legit? Or Just Another Scam?

I am unsure where I found the hyperlink but the post was in the design of a reporter who were tasked to check into these penny auctions – and, obviously, found two deal purchases.

I e-mailed the firm’s customer attention and quit once I realized my dumb error, but was advised that conditions and the terms described the way things worked and it was impossible to refund fresh credit.

I’ve now e-mailed several occasions requesting a the contact information on the Chief Executive Officer as well as a refund to be able to increase my criticism in the best level. Each time I Have obtained substantially exactly the same answer but the information on the Chief Executive Officer. I would like to warn the others, even easily neglect to get my money again. Bedfordshire, Minnesota

It is possible to just start the complimentary paper Metro without viewing an advert for MadBid, which sells new merchandise – including iPads iPhones as well as other engineering products – seemingly to get a portion of the worth that is true. Its website reveals iPads which have gone for even, and GBP38 a Fiat 500 for GBP193. I read  this MadBid review and it seems you can actually win, if you have the right strategy.

Needless to say, there could be just one successful bidder, therefore everyone is left questioning what may have been – having compensated to bid on something they did not get.

We were told by the firm: “Our functions supervisor is looking to contact the client to find out what went wrong. There are lots of clients that don’t realize Madbid works completely, on the subject of the critique about our website. It’s not the fastest system to comprehend but, when you do, you you understand there isn’t any means to lose.” He failed to deny the no-refunds plan exists. Some customers used the distance selling guidelines to get refunds from studying on-line postings.

A spokesman says clients spending GBP50 bid for an I-phone they do not win can use that GBP50 “brought in reduction” towards purchasing a more affordable product, maybe one value GBP60, by paying an added GBP10.

Meanwhile, we’d like to know from other visitors about their experience of utilizing the website – bad or good.